Deeper Connections,
richer lives

A client-first  platform that gives more targeted, timely care so addiction treatment providers can boost client engagement and success

Recovery is a journey.

Engage your clients the whole way.

Our platform connects clients, clinicians, and leaders


More timely client care

Get immediate access to a client's issues, triggers, and ambitions


Bigger clinician Impact

Better understand a client by hearing them giving them a quitter and safer space to speak their mind.


Greater organization oversight

Understand who is making an impact and how to better serve your customers.

Addiction is complicated. We're working on it

We are working hard at developing a solution that works.

We are working with accredited treatment providers to build a product that serves both the provider and the end customer.

Interested in improving your program?

We are looking for ambitious and caring organizations who want to extend their abilities and make more lasting impacts with their clients.

Not a program provider? All good! Feel free to add your email and we'll reach out as soon we can

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